David Walker & The Color of Film

Aug 24, 2013 Comments Off on David Walker & The Color of Film by

Join Dmae Roberts and guest speaker David F. Walker, a filmmaker, writer and culture critic and a leading expert in 70s blaxploitation films. Walker talked with students at MHCC’s Integrated Media non-fiction filmmaking class and commented the lack of color and racial diversity in most media today as well as what it takes to make […]

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Flat Track Around The World

Jul 13, 2013 Comments Off on Flat Track Around The World by

Filmmakers Cynthia Lopez and Juvie Hall want to talk to women roller derby players around the world. Join Dmae for a look at the their new work-in-progress documentary series Flat Track Around The World that filmed in Mexico. We’ll hear clips from the film and find out how they’re getting ready for their next round of […]

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Grit & Grace: Brian Lindstrom

Jun 02, 2013 Comments Off on Grit & Grace: Brian Lindstrom by

Portland filmmaker Brian Lindstrom  recently came to talk to Dmae Roberts’ nonfiction filmmaking class at Mt. Hood Community College’s Integrated Media Program. He talked about his career of making films depicting the grit and grace of life.  Hear his inspiring talk to emerging filmmakers featuring his critically successful film Alien Boy: the life and death of James Chasse which […]

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Alan Greenberg & Werner Herzog

Jul 19, 2012 Comments Off on Alan Greenberg & Werner Herzog

Screenwriter and director Alan Greenberg is featured. He’s written a new memoir titled Every Night the Trees Disappear: Werner Herzog and the Making of ‘Heart of Glass‘ about his collaboration with Wernor Herzog. Heart of Glass,Herzog’s 1976 film has been described as one of the strangest narrative films in history in which Herzog hypnotized all the actors. […]

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Amber Waves & Checkered Flags

Mar 02, 2012 Comments Off on Amber Waves & Checkered Flags

Filmmakers Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm of Hare In The Gate Productions talk about their film Amber Waves & Checkered Flags. One day the filmmakers drove by a sign for Lind, pop. 500, with a rustic sign inviting, “Welcome to Lind! Drop in—Mt. St. Helens did!” They found there the annual Lind Combine Demolition Derby. […]

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Author Lisa See on ‘Dreams of Joy’

Jun 24, 2011 Comments Off on Author Lisa See on ‘Dreams of Joy’

Dmae Roberts talks with acclaimed author Lisa See. Her latest novel, Dreams of Joy debuted  at No. 1 on the NY Times best seller list. See tells us about her extensive research on Mao’s Great Leap Forward that caused the death of up 45 million people  in China from 1958-1961. We also hear about the movie version […]

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Filmmaker Lawrence Johnson and Poet Leanne Grabel

Jun 03, 2011 Comments Off on Filmmaker Lawrence Johnson and Poet Leanne Grabel

Host/Producer Dmae Roberts talks with Portland filmmaker Lawrence Johnson about his new film Stuff. Johnson tells about Stuff and his experiences covering Native American and Oregon history projects through the years. He shares some clips as well. Later in the show, Poet, author and musician Leanne Grabel in Portland is featured in the eighth segment […]

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Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom

Mar 17, 2011 Comments Off on Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom

Producer Macon Reed worked with Dmae Roberts ona feature about Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom, the debut story in the “Pushing Boundaries” series.   Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom who makes films about people he says we put an ex through: ex-cons, people with long histories of drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. He uses his films to start […]

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