Who Am I Celebrating Me + James Canfield

Feb 13, 2016 Comments Off on Who Am I Celebrating Me + James Canfield by

Dmae talks with Shalanda Sims about the Who I Am Celebrating Me performance highlighting African American history through theatre and dance. She’ll be joined by two high school seniors, Kyra Orr and Isaiah Sims, participating in the performances. And in the latter part of the show, James Canfield returns to Oregon Ballet Theatre after 15 years […]

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Broken Promises + Rejoice!

Jan 02, 2016 Comments Off on Broken Promises + Rejoice! by

Dmae Roberts features the world premiere play Broken Promises written by Olga Sanchez. We’ll talk with Danel Malan, founder and artistic director of Teatro Milagro and actor Giovanni Alva from the show. And in the latter part of the show, we’ll check in Oluyinka A. Akinjiola with Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater about their performance of Ancestry in […]

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Unit Souzou-1 year later!

Sep 19, 2015 Comments Off on Unit Souzou-1 year later! by

More than a year ago, Dmae talked with Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe, co-directors of UNIT SOUZOU about the new company they created. Now they’re getting ready to premiere their first original work 88: Hachi Hachi for their anniversary as a married couple but also to celebrate more than a year of working steadily as Portland’s newest taiko […]

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La Luna Nueva

Aug 30, 2015 Comments Off on La Luna Nueva

Host/Producer Dmae Roberts talks with Olga Sanchez, artistic director of Milagro Theatre about La Luna Nueva that kicks off Milagro’s 35th season. This is maybe Olga’s last interview with Stage & Studio for awhile as the outgoing artistic director. She’ll be joined by Susan Addy, executive director of The Obo Addy Legacy Project and Charlie Okada,executive director […]

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Conduit Eviction + Indian Classical Dance

Mar 21, 2015 Comments Off on Conduit Eviction + Indian Classical Dance

After 20 years as a veteran contemporary dance group in Portland, Conduit Dance has been evicted from their home. For two decades the nonprofit arts group has provided a haven for dance, experimental and solo shows to Portland’s artists. They were told to vacate their performance studio in the Pythian building in downtown Portland. We’ll […]

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FG Fest 2015

Jan 03, 2015 Comments Off on FG Fest 2015

For the first show of 2015, Dmae Roberts spotlights the Fertile Ground, perhaps the largest city-wide Festival of New Works in Portland. We’ll get an overview from festival director Nicole Lane. Then we’ll find out about three of the events with Eric Nordin of  The Snowstorm, Turiya Autry of Roots, Reality and Rhyme and Miriam […]

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OBT Dancers & Diversity

Dec 02, 2014 Comments Off on OBT Dancers & Diversity

Guest Host Sarika Mehta talks to members of  Oregon Ballet Theatre! They will be performing George Balachine’s The Nutcracker, which runs Dec. 13-27th at the Keller Auditorium. What is unique about OBT is the diversity of their company and how this enhances the performers. Sarika Mehta chats with three of dancers from the Oregon Ballet Theatre: Xuan Cheng, Ye […]

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O Romeo & New Now Wow

Oct 11, 2014 Comments Off on O Romeo & New Now Wow

What would October be without a Day of the Dead celebration? Dmae Roberts checks in Olga Sanchez, artistic director of Miracle Theatre who has put together a new Dia de los Muertos meets Shakespeare’s famous dead characters. We’ll find out which Shakespearean characters Sanchez has brought back to life (sort of) the  inventive concept of […]

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