JAW & Mia Chung

Jul 23, 2016 Comments Off on JAW & Mia Chung by

Dmae revisits with playwright Mia Chung who is back in Portland for a staged reading of her newest play Catch as Catch Can as part as the 18th annual JAW: A Playwright’s Festival at Portland Center Stage.  We’ll hear about Mia Chung’s new play and about her workshop and more. Plus Dmae gives highlights about other JAW […]

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Philip Kan Gotanda-Travelling Master

May 22, 2016 Comments Off on Philip Kan Gotanda-Travelling Master by

Dmae features veteran playwright Philip Kan Gotanda. She first talked to him three years ago when he came to do a talk at Reed College. Now he’s a Traveling Master for the Dramatists Guild Fund and will be teaching a class called “Challenges of Writing From a Racial and Cultural Perspective” at Portland Center Stage. Using […]

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Breaking Rank + The Set-Up

Feb 07, 2016 Comments Off on Breaking Rank + The Set-Up by

Dmae features two different shows, Breaking Rank at Well Arts and The Set-Up at Cygnet Productions. First up we talk with Jessica Dart, Facilitator/Director of  Breaking Rank, Belle Landau, Executive Director, Returning Veterans Project and writer Patti Jay–all from Well Arts production written by female service veterans in the U.S. Armed Forces. And in the latter part […]

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Mia Chung

Jan 31, 2016 Comments Off on Mia Chung

Dmae Roberts talks with playwright Mia Chung whose play You for Me for You opens February 3–28 at Portland Playhouse directed by Gretchen Corbett. Chung  is in residence at the theatre and joins Dmae in the studio for a live interview. Some of the topics they cover include Paula Vogel’s advice of writing the “impossible play” with the idea […]

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Ophelia+Deception+Hazardous Beauty

Jan 15, 2016 Comments Off on Ophelia+Deception+Hazardous Beauty

Dmae features three staged readings starring African American actresses. First we hear about S. Renee Mitchell’s new play Ophelia in Oblivion, her personal tale of surviving family trauma. We’ll also feature Bonnie Ratner’s Hazardous Beauty, about two writing partners in a memoir class and Nancy Moss’ Deception featuring a story about a biracial young woman passing for white […]

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Passin’ Art + Remme’s Run

Oct 23, 2015 Comments Off on Passin’ Art + Remme’s Run

Dmae Roberts talks with Passin’ Art Theatre about their explosive show on race dialogue in Tommy J & Sally by acclaimed playwright Mark Medoff with director Andrea White and actors Marcus Mauldin and Sarah McGregor.  And in the second half of the show, we hear from playwright Wayne Harrel about the world premiere of his […]

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Prince Gomolvilas

Aug 15, 2015 Comments Off on Prince Gomolvilas

What do a Filipina American  TSA agent, a Chinese American brother and sister, and a Thai-American wedding chapel owner married to a Japanese man have in common? They are waiting for UFOs in Las Vegas with Grandma May, a Thai grandmother. That’s the brainchild of playwright Prince Gomolvilas who wrote a pan-Asian comedy with seven characters having […]

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PHAME + Claire Willett

Aug 01, 2015 Comments Off on PHAME + Claire Willett

Dmae Roberts presents two new world premiere stage plays in August. First up we feature PHAME and their first commissioned play by Debbie Lamedman with music by Laura Gibson called Up the Fall, on Aug 22-29, 2015 at Artists Repertory Theatre.We’ll talk with Debbie Lamedman, PHAME’S artistic director Jessica Dart and Eliza Jensen, actor and PHAME student.  And in the second part […]

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