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Dmae Roberts records a personal concert with The Julians, a female genre-defying quartet. This new Portland group blends contemporary song, jazz, Indian pop tunes and classical choral music to create their own style of powerhouse singing. Go behind the scenes and hear four songs you’re not likely to forget.

This is an encore broadcast. The Julians  will be presenting a new concert titled ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ on Feb. 12th at 2pm at First Presbyterian Church, 1200 SW Alder Street in Portland. Tickets available cash/check at the door:  Adults $12 Student/Senior $10

Kristin Buhler, Liz Bacon, Maria Karlin and Vakare Petrolinaite are four hard-working classically trained singers who regularly sing with a variety of Portland groups. For the last year, they’ve been rehearsing and singing their own unique sound as The Julians.

Kristin Buhler says The Julians fill a specific niche that has been “lacking” and though “the scene in Portland is so vibrant for vocal performers,they “found a parking space and parked in it.”  The group is named after a  female mystic in the 14th century named Julian of Norwich in England who called for optimism and compassion in a time of turmoil.

The Julians new concert He Said, She Said explores male and female composers as “musical gender study” presenting different ideas about gender through the songs. The group will be singing music that runs the gamut from Bjork to Brahams.

Get a sneak peek at their concert with Dmae as The Julians sing four of their songs recorded live on location. Get the inside scoop on what it takes to have a unique vocal group.

Liz Bacon, Kristin Buhler, Maria Karlin & Vakare Petrolinaite (left to right)

Tickets can be reserved at 503-227-5783 or e-mail music@stst.org or purchased for a suggested donation at the door.

You can hear Stage & Studio at: