• WR 9 & 10: Laurence Overmire & Terri Lojacano

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Some thoughts and poetry on the theme of time and distance with writers Laurence Overmire and Terri Lojacano share their poems for our Writer’s Read segment. We’ll also hear Dmae Roberts’sound poem about Time.

Laurence Overmire

Laurence Overmire is the author of three books of poetry, Honor and Remembrance, Report From X-Star 10, and Gone Hollywood. 

Hear more of Laurence Overmire’s work in our Writer’s Read series. 

Terri Lojacano has been writing poetry since she was in Jr. High school.   She has written a fictional manuscript that has many of her poems in it including this one called “the vows of your name.”

Terri Lojacano


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In the final sound poem, Dmae presents a new version of a piece she aired on NPR in 1988 called “Time.”

We featured music by composer Mike Langlie  of Twink.

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