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Host Dmae Roberts welcomes writer Judith Arcana to shares her newest book The Parachute Jump Effect and her work-in-progress poetry collection called the Maude Poems.

What inspires one to become a poet? How do learn as much from teaching as being taught? Is all creative writing political or personal? Listen to this engaging talk about the craft of writing and hear Arcana read her poems.  (Re-broadcast Sat 9/15 at 11am on KZME 107.1 FM)

Judith Arcana

(Judith Arcana, left. Photo by Barbara Gundle)

Arcana’s newest published collection, The Parachute Jump Effect, is a chapbook of poems. Her other books include Grace Paley’s Life Stories, 4th Period English and Every Mother’s Son. Find out more about her writing at JudithArcana.com.

A longtime teacher of literature, writing and women’s studies, Arcana has a PhD in Literature, an MA in Women’s Studies, an Urban Preceptorship in Preventive Medicine and a BA in English. She’s taught in high schools, colleges, libraries, living rooms and other places, including the Parents School, Women’s Liberation School, Illinois State Women’s Reformatory and Washington County Jail in Oregon.

Excerpt of  “We Understand That Sky

We understand that sky has no color, really
all that blue is an effect, reflection, illusion.
And it’s like that with water too, isn’t it?
Water’s clear and empty, then light
rushes through, making purple, gold and green
black or blue – like the sky seems to be –
reflect inside our eyes.


September 19th at 7pm – reading from new work in progress – the Maude poems, a project
supported by a grant from RACC at  St Johns Booksellers. 8622 N Lombard in Portland.

September 20th at 7pm – reading from THE PARACHUTE JUMP EFFECT
and other recent work Writing Pearls at Pop Culture, 1929 Main St.in Vancouver, Washington

September 29th at 7pm – Judith Arcana and Penelope Scambly Schott,reading together: BARDS & BREAD
at Fleur de Lis Bakery/Cafe, savory small plates + drinks for purchaaw at 3930 NE Hancock in Portland.

October 2, 2012 at 7pm –  reading from new work – the Maude poems, a project at Broadway Books. 1714 NE Broadway in Portland.

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