Dmae features the Chitra: The Girl Prince co-directed by Sarah Jane Hardy and Anita Menon. We’ll hear from both artists about their second epic collaboration which began with their critical success The Jungle Book. They worked with writer Avantika Shankar who travelled from India to adapt a beloved Indian classic story. The play runs through Feb. 25th at NW Children’s Theater & School.

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Sarah Jane Hardy,Dmae & Anita Menon

NW Children’s Theater & School (NWCT) Presents…

Chitra: The Girl Prince
by Avantika Shankar

Co-directed by Sarah Jane Hardy and Anita Menon

The show runs through Feb. 25, 2018 at noon & 4pm

Feb. 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25

Feb. 17 at NOON: ASL Show and at  4 pm: Audio Described Show

Feb. 18 at 4 pm: Sensory Friendly Show

After their 2015’s successful collaboration, the  Indian-dance infused adaptation of The Jungle Book, co-directors Sarah Jane Hardy and Anita Menon sought another collaboration project. Chitra: The Girl Prince features epic martial arts sequences and a wide range of dance styles, Chitra tells the story of a warrior princess who struggles to stay true to herself while balancing her responsibility to her people with the call of true love.

Chitra: The Girl Prince is a new collaboration with Anita Menon, who co-directed 2015’s smash hit, Indian-dance infused adaptation of The Jungle Book. Featuring epic martial arts sequences and a wide range of dance styles,

The legend of Chitrangadha, first appeared around the fourth century BCE as part of the Mahabharata, an epic myth from ancient India. In 1892, the story of Chitra was adapted to the stage by Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore’s dance-drama of Chitrangadha was met with great success, and Chitra became a much-beloved character across India and the world. Inspired by Tagore’s progressive spirit, and NWCT’s tradition of re-inventing classic tales, the two decided to take on the story of Chitra.

Collaboration between artists, cultures, movement, and methods of storytelling, made this telling of Chitra possible. After several years of working closely with India-based playwright Avantika Shankar and a team of theater artists, musicians, and dancers from both India and Portland’s Bengali-American community.

Recommended for ages 6 & Up

Tickets: Adults $18-25, Youth $13-20. More info at: 503-222-2190 and 
NW Children’s Theater & School is located at 1819 NW Everett Street, Portland, OR 97209