The power of a great story and a classic play re-imagined

Dmae Roberts talks with Portland Story Theater about their New Works Solo series, Singlehandedly, with co-founder Lynne Duddy and guest artist Denis Gessing. Then we’ll hear about the enduring legacy of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town.  John Berendzen tells us about Liminal’s multimedia 2.0 version of the classic play.

(Encores 11am Sat 11/23 on KZME 107.1FM.)

Denis Gessing & Lynne Duddy

Featured music for on this edition of Stage & Studio by Aaron Meyer from his CD Near The Edge. Check out his holiday concerts and more info at

Portland Story Theater presents the New Works Solo Series, Singlehandedly, an event showcasing  three personal storytellers.  Portland storytellers Kriya Kaping and Jeff Burke join  nationally-acclaimed artist-in-residence  performing for two nights only.

Singlehandedly, Solo Series 
Featuring Artist-in-Residence Denis Gessing and Urban Tellers Jeff Burke and Kriya Kaping Friday, November 22 | Kaping & Gessing | $15 Saturday, November 23 | Burke & Gessing | $15

All shows are at Hipbone Studio located at 1847 E. Burnside, Portland, OR 97214. More info at

Portland Story Theater’s stories may contain “colorful” language, sexual escapades of a questionable nature and numerous examples of extremely poor judgment, along with profound insights, deep revelations and moments of truth, triumph and transformation.

All shows 21+ [Listener Discretion Advised]

(featured in left photo above Kriya Kaping, Denis Gessing and Jeff Burke)


And in the second part of the show, Dmae talks with Liminal co-founder John Berendzen who also directs a revamped version of Our Town by Thorton Wilder. The  experimental performance art group gives the iconic American classic play a multimedia, multi-level unusual update. Not the version produced at most high schools and colleges, this Our Town is recommended for ages 13 and over. 
Liminal Theatre's Our Town
Liminal Theatre’s Our Town

Leo Daedalus (host of The Late Now) leads as The Stage Manager. A singing cast features Carla Grant, Jeff Marchant, Leslie Finch, Alex Reagan, Wayne Haythorn, Rebecca Lowe, and Glenn Williams,  Jahnavi Caldwell-Green as Emily Webb, and Corey O’Hara as George Gibbs. Jen Raynak (PCPA) and Nicholas Erickson; Ben Purdy (defunkt, NWCT); Jenny Ampersand; and kollodi collaborate on sound, media, costume, and set. Original music by Jana Losey Crenshaw and Jesse Mejia.  

Liminal’s Our Town performs
Nov 14-Dec 1  |  Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 7:30pm; Sun 3pm (no show on Thanksgiving), Wednesday shows 11/20 and 11/27) All shows are at
 The Headwaters, 55 NE Farragut #9
Tickets are $12-25 sliding scale   For more info call  503 567 8309
or visit online at
Liminal is a nonprofit Portland-based network of theatre, performing, and media artists. Liminal is known both for its uniquely staged plays, and also for its large-scale live walk-through performance installations (as in 2012’s Liminal presents Gertrude Stein).
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