Dmae talks with Tom Richards the curator of the Faux Museum, a conceptual art museum that boasts the world’s last living Woolly Ant. The Faux Museum won’t be renewing it’s lease and will be closing its doors on Jan. 11, 2015 after two years of often offbeat and humorous exhibits created to spark critical thinking. Since 2012 exhibits have included the Tour de Faux! bike event, 10,000 Years of Faux History, The Liars Hall of Shame and the Monument of the 7th Dimension: Portal. We’ll find out more about why Richards has been working on this dadaist art museum as performance art piece since 1991.

Tom Richards
Tom Richards

And in the last part of the show, Dmae plays some “best of” highlights of 2014 on Stage & Studio including Chantal DeGroat’s electrifying performance from “The Piano Lesson,” inspiring words from “Unit Souzou” and the beautiful harmonies from Tongan quilt makers.



More about the Faux Museum:

The Faux Museum is located at 139 NW 2nd Ave/ Portland, OR 97203
Visit their website at

Their current exhibit features artists Jessica Brackett and Tom Richards and is titled:

The Lost Secrets of the Bennett-Brackett Portfolios:
Getting to the roots of a botanical mystery

This exhibit which will run until the end of the year will include the entire area of the galleries in an all encompassing botanical environment including; hanging drawings and sketches, plants both real and constructed, other botanical oddities, a scientific den complete with journal articles, notes, files and other ephemera related to the mysteries. We will also display maps, charts and various bits of ancient writings “explaining” the mysteries.Skull_&_Seed

Read an article about the Faux Museum featured in The Oregonian.

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