Dmae features two different shows, Breaking Rank at Well Arts and The Set-Up at Cygnet Productions. First up we talk with Jessica Dart, Facilitator/Director of  Breaking Rank, Belle Landau, Executive Director, Returning Veterans Project and writer Patti Jay–all from Well Arts production written by female service veterans in the U.S. Armed Forces. And in the latter part of the show, we have director Louanne Moldovan, founder of Cygnet Productions. She’ll tell us about The Set-Up, a tale of savagery and betrayal in the underbelly of the boxing world, told in verse, music, and stylized movement.
(Airs 11am Tues 2/9 on KBOO 90.7FM and
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(cw/l) Jessica Dart, Heath Hyun Houghton, Patti Jay & Belle Landau.
(cw/l) Jessica Dart, Heath Hyun Houghton, Patti Jay & Belle Landau.

Breaking Rank covers experiences of women who have  survived tours of duty in combat zones, some cope with military sexual trauma and who share experiences of living and working in a male dominated environment. In Partnership with Returning Veterans Project and Wise Counsel and Comfort. Written by Jeanne Clayton (BM3, Navy), Patti Jay (SSGT, Air National Guard), Jolynn Jaques-McPherson (Airforce/Army), Layna Lewis (Enlisted, Army), Sandy Scott (Officer, Air Force/Air National Guard). Facilitated and Directed by Jessica Dart

The play features: Margie Boule, Stephanie Cordell, Garland Lyons, Sofia May-Cuxim, Cecily Overman, Andrea White

February 17 – March 5, 2016 -Wednesdays and Sun at 7:30pm & Sat at 2pm

All shows are at: Milagro Theatre, 525 SE Stark St., Portland.

Tickets: $15 general admission, $10 students/seniors
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For More Information:, 503-459-4500 (Office)


Cygnet Productions presents

The Set-Up, a telling of savagery and betrayal, in music, verse, and movement. Original adaptation by Louanne Moldovan, David Meyers, and Shelly Lipkin. Directed by Louanne Moldovan. Produced by Louanne Moldovan and David Meyers

Showtimes: February 12 – March 5,2016 Shaking-the-Tree Theater, 823 SE Grant Street, Portland, OR

Tickets: $25 General Admission $20 Seniors and Students.

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Actor Bobby Bermea
Actor Bobby Bermea


Don Alder, Bobby Bermea, Hank Cartwright, David Meyers, Jamie Rea, Ted Schulz, Michael Teufel, Steve Vanderzee, Jonah Weston and Adrian P. Baxter / Saxophone – Flute (OR Music Hall of Fame)

About The Set-Up

Written by the author of The Wild Party (previously produced by Cygnet), The Set-Up, a Jazz Age melodrama, tells a tale of savagery in the boxing ring with nervous, rapidly moving, rhyming couplets. In performance, the piece takes on an ambience and quality unlike anything most have ever seen onstage. Imagine the world of Damon Runyon presented by Homer, in the format of an epic poem, yet, like Moliere, in rhyming couplets. The play takes place in Hell’s Kitchen during the late 1920s. It focuses on a black boxer – an imminent champion – whose return to the ring is secretly set up for defeat. Atmospheric, colorful, humorous, and tragic, The Set-Up draws you into a time when boxing, like baseball, was a number one spectator sport. With its unforgiving authenticity and rich detail of character, The Set-Up is a work whose violent action has both root and logic in the characters themselves.

This story of a black prizefighter (inspired by boxing champ Jack Johnson) who is destroyed by corruption and racial prejudice, brought Mr. March great success as it made the New York Times best-seller list and was later adapted for the screen. But, given it was Hollywood in the 1940’s, the film featured a white actor as the protagonist (Robert Ryan played the lead).