Dmae welcomes pianist and composer David Ornette Cherry for an in-depth looks at his music and new collection of compositions for his upcoming new CD release. David has composed numerous CDs and produced evenings of his Organic Listening Club (coming in Oct. 16th at Artists Repertory Theatre!) as well as being the composer for Susan Banyas’ The Hillboro Story. David more recently was the composer for Crossing East: Relations one-hour documentary special produced by Dmae. Hear the documentary for a limited time here.  Read more about David at:

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Dmae & David Ornette Cherry
Dmae & David Ornette Cherry

Pianist and composer David Ornette Cherry, son of legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, salutes his father’s works along with new works of his own. The award-winning Cherry grew up in Watts, and his music is an artful combination of jazz, classical, African, and world music. His noted collaborations include Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, Dewey Redman, Phil Ranelin, and Justo Almario, Thara Memory, Glenn Moore, Carlton Jackson, Kamau Daaood, and the Watts Prophet.

David was born the same year Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry recorded their first album,  SOMETHIN ELSE. The ambient music streaming through his childhood was generated by the early collaborations of his dad, Don Cherry, with Coleman and the musicians who visited his parents’ Mariposa Avenue home in Los Angeles.

David Ornette Cherry at
David Ornette Cherry at

However, it was a wood-chopping accident one summer in Sweden that sealed David’s musical fate as he was confined to music study and later performing with his Dad at the age of sixteen years old.

Hear his music and see his videos:

Discography includes: 

It Could Be Different brings his keyboard and soundscape magic to a fresh range of grooves and compositions, featuring the multi-talented Cherry Family along with some of his collaborators in the jazz and world music scene.

It Ensemble for Improvisors – Live/Los Angeles - composed with the idea that all exist in a world of harmonies which mirror life evolving away from the chaotic (to the positive).

Enter-Net David merges the African rhythms and drumming he grew up with in Watts (“African Nights Nu”) with straight up dub (“Serious Dubbing”)

The Hillsboro Story - In a masterful collection of sounds and compositions, David Ornette Cherry’s The Hillsboro Story captures the place, the drama, the characters, the two worlds, and the moods of those edgy times.

Organic Journey- marks the fifth and final CD in David Ornette Cherry’s “Organic” series, recordings that have spliced together David’s musical roots and the new branchings he continues to explore.

Organic Express: Back to the Electronic Garage marks David Ornette Cherry’s return home from a decade-long musical journey. Back to the Electronic Garage expresses David’s deep reconnection with his musical beginnings, the Watts garage where he began delving into music and finding his voice.

Cherry Jam: Open Mic is a spoken word project featuring writers performing their work on an open microphone. Contributing artists include: Susan Banyas, George Carrington, Leanne Grabel, Paul Harris, Renee Mitchell, Alena Vance, Terry Wolverton and David Ornette Cherry.

Organic Roots comprises an intricate musical rhizome, an offspring bred by recollection and innovation. The global rhizosphere in which these seeds germinated was warmed by light shining from his father Don Cherry, who created a true world music before the phrase existed.

Organic Groove is David Ornette Cherry’s musical journey grounded in jazz seasoned with textures from far and near – touching a bit of the city, mood of the village and the world where spirit dominates the heartbeat.

Ensemble for improvisors is the brainchild of David Ornette Cherry featuring the unique creative collaboration of David on acoustic piano; Billy Higgins, drums; Justo Almario, reeds; Roberto Miranda, acoustic bass; and Jon Williams, trumpet.