Dmae features SOUL’D: the economics of our black body, a new devised ensemble piece that examines the American Economic Dream for Black Americans. She’ll talk with director Damaris Webb (who is also co-director of Vanport Mosaic) and actress Shareen Jacobs who performs in the ensemble.  SOUL’D runs Nov. 14-24 at the IFCC.
(Aired 11am-noon 11/5/19 on KBOO 90.7 FM or always on and always on  iTunes.)
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Shareen Jacobs, Dmae & Damaris Webb
Shareen Jacobs, Dmae & Damaris Webb

SOUL’D runs for 8 performances November 14-24. Thurs – Sat at 7:30 PM and SUNDAYS AT 2:30 PM.
All shows are the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center located at 5340 N INTERSTATE AVE. in Portland. RUN TIME: 90 mins with screening.

ADMISSION: Suggested $25; $5 Students/Seniors. Tickets can be purchased here:

Synopsis: Through the act of devising moments for the stage with SOUL’D: the economics of our black body–this collective of co-conspirators known as “the project”–investigates the narrative of the “American Economic Dream” for Black Americans. Sourcing first hand narratives, legislation, iconic tropes, current events and personal stories, we position ourselves to gaze through the macro-cosims of slavery to present day post-Obama backlash. We seek to translate, through the intimacy and flexibility of theater, the effects of disparities in legislative action, capitalism, and identity, within the communities in which our black bodies participate. What is Black wealth? Is Black success assimilation? How has Black American growth manifested despite disenfranchisement in passing on wealth through land ownership, knowledge of lineage, and financial freedom?

Ensemble photo for SOUL’D: The Economics of Our Black Body.
Photo credit Salim Sanchez.

​Also running with the stage play…Root Shocked is a short film documenting the story of the steps taken by Artist/Designers Cleo Davis, Kayin Talton-Davis and their family, to force the city of Portland to reckon with its racist past, while also creating a space for the black community. Produced by Cecilia Brown, with University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.

The project’s intention as citizen-artists is to cultivate an inclusive, transparent, collective of local black performer/designers to produce rigorous and dynamic original theater that creates advocacy around stories that are resonate to our communities. To encourage & support the participation and mentorship of black designers/technicians in all areas of production.

The project is: LaTevin Alexander, Catherine Braxton, Tyharra Cozier, Chantal DeGroat, Kenneth Dembo, James Dixon, Auntais Faulkner, Salim Sanchez, Sydney Jackson, Shareen Jacobs, Phil Johnson, Shalanda Sims,
Wanda Walden and Damaris Webb.

The Vanport Mosaic is a memory-activism platform. We amplify, honor, present, and preserve the silenced histories that surround us in order to understand our present, and create a future where we all belong. – Co-Directors Laura LoForti & Damaris Webb