Host Dmae Roberts features an in-depth and lively interview with Northwest Writer Ivan Doig.

A prolific writer of books set in the American West, Doig talks about his latest novel, Work Song set in the bustling international melting pot of Butte, Montana of 1919. Doig talks about his research on the effects of mining on the land, the workers and the citizens who form a diverse community often at odds with the mining company that rules so many of their lives.

Ivan Doig

Work Song brings back a much-loved character from Doig’s previous book, The Whistling Season. Morris Morgan, or “Morrie” as he’s called, comes to Butte one day and quickly lands a job at the town library run by an imposing rancher with a shady past. Soon Morrie becomes central to the lives of everyone in town as events escalate to a boiling point pitting workers against management. With Work SongIvan also includes some romance as well as historic commentary.

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