Join Dmae Roberts for a special radio memorial on the 10th anniversary of her mom’s death. Remembrance: On Time And Distance is part memoir and a collection of radio pieces she’s produced about the complex ties that bind a mother and daughter. Included is part of Dmae’s Peabody-winning documentary  Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song.

For Remembrance: On Time And Distance, Dmae presents excerpts from Mei Mei and The Journey of Lady Buddha. She recounts her weekend trip to Taiwan to rescue her mom when she fell ill and plays her piece Messages from the phone messages she saved while taking care of her mom in her final years.

Featured music from: Dave Pasche, Stephen Hoyt and special thanks to Aaron Meyer from his CDs Walk, Don’t Walk and Near The Edge. Hear him at

Memoir excerpt:10 Years and I still feel anger and pain. The seven stages of grief have long left me but these two emotions keep coming back. 

Ten years ago my mom passed away from a recurrence of breast cancer. Three years before that her doctor left her in a hospital gown in a cold radiology room not knowing why she was there. She called me crying when I was two hours away by car and not able able to help her,

Six months before that I took a weekend flight to Taipei, Taiwan to bring her back after relatives I had never met emailed me saying she was sick.

Time and distance. They say that it heals all wounds. Who are they? These mysterious people who offer sayings with vague meanings. Does time heal? Is there ever a way to heal wounds completely that have been opened up over and again through a lifetime?

Time and distance are what separated my mom and me. She of another race, another generation, culture and language. Anger and Pain brought us together and drove our ambitions in life.”

Please join Dmae for this personal show about a complex relationship, caregiving and healing.

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