Dmae focuses on MATTER, written and performed by Charles Grant as a response to police brutality and gun violence inflected on Black Americans. We hear clips from the film and excerpts of a Zoom conversation with Charles Grant, director James Dixon, filmmaker Tamera Lyn and performing artist Fyndi Jermany, a board member of Don’t Shoot PDX. MATTER IS a co-production of and on Donations are encouraged for Don’t Shoot PDX. 

(Aired 11am  9/29/2020 on KBOO 90.7 FM or always on and iTunes.)

Many Hats Collaboration and Portland Playhouse presents…


Written and performed by Charles Grant
Directed by James Dixon
Film by Tamera Lyn

Music and Sound Design by Sharath Patel

Determined save Black lives, on young man seeks to sort out the noise of opposing viewpoints and social division with a methodical examination of facts. As his theatrical investigation uncovers patterns of senseless violence and clues lead him to the likelihood of his own death, the reality and tragedy  of lives lost begins to truly hit home.

Matter  is available for free viewing at and on  through October 1st.

Charles Grant wrote MATTER in 2017 and restaged with the encouragement of Jessica Wallenfels of Many Hats Collaboration. The 20-minute film is powerful and highly artistic. James Dixon directed it with a claustrophobic and emotional vision. Tamera Lyn’s evocative camera work and editing gives it a realism reminiscent of what we see documented on TV screens now.  Composer and sound designer Sharath Patel provided a high-quality and meticulous soundscape.

Fyndi Jermany moved to Portland, Oregon from the District of Columbia in 1992 and was raised in North and Northeast Portland. She considers herself an advocate for systemic change, denormalizing violence and aims to influence policy on all levels. Fyndi joined the board of Don’t Shoot Portland (DSPDX) in 2019 and volunteers in a number of capacities helping contribute to the “community action plan” that DSPDX prides itself in.  Fyndi played the role of Kendra James, in the film Silent Voices, a film dedicated to victims of police brutality, set to be released for streaming October 6th at